The reason I just love Beyonce with dark hair more than blonde is because the bitch looks like she will snatch your spine out of your back and laugh as you fall to the ground like a puddle. With dark hair she really looks like she can be Baphomet’s mother. With dark hair my God looks like the African Queen who sold other Africans to white men in the 1600s. Dark haired Beyonce looks mean enough to slap your mother in the face with her church hat on the sabbath. Dark haired Beyonce would plant drugs in your car and report your license plate. Dark haired Beyonce is the bitch to key your car if you cheat on her and engrave her signature in it and dare you to call the police. Dark haired Beyonce is the bitch who will sleep with your dad while your mom is out of town and still tell you your outfit is cute at school. That is why dark haired Beyonce is my favorite.

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North’s hair is growing!!!

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Gorgeous Beauties: Malaika Firth, Riley Montana, Grace Mahary & Joan Smalls at Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2014, MFW.

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